TAC Meeting

Date and Time: 
Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 2:30pm
HCAOG Conference Room
Meeting Record: 

Consent Calendar

6a. Funding Agreement between the Humboldt Transit Authority, City of Arcata, City of Eureka, County of Humboldt, and HCAOG Regarding Dial-A-Ride Service Operating and Administrative Cost Sharing

6b. Fiscal Year 2017-18 State Transit Assistance (STA) Fund Allocations

6c. Fiscal Year 2017-18 Overall Work Program (OWP) & Budget

Action Items

8a. Review of "Goods Movement," "Public Transportation," and "Emergency Transportation" Administrative Drafts for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update

8b. Humboldt County Bicycle Facilities & Trail Map