Board of Directors

The HCAOG Board is the final authority for all of the decisions generated in the region's transportation planning and programming arena. The Board is comprised of the Mayors of the seven (7) incorporated cities and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors or their designee.  The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer (for 2017, Ryan Sundberg, Frank Jäger, and Doug Strehl, respectively).

The HCAOG Board meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Thursday of each month, and typically are held at Eureka City Hall, Council Chambers.  Access Humboldt records and televises HCAOG Board meetings (since July 17, 2014).  To view, select the meeting date and click on "details" to find the link next to "Video of Meeting."  

HCAOG Bylaws

Current Board Members

Don Hindley

Mayor, City of Ferndale

Jack West

City Council Member, City of Trinidad

Susan Ornelas

City Council Member, City of Arcata

Ryan Sundberg, Chair

Humboldt County Supervisor, 5th District

Gordon Johnson

Mayor Pro Tem, City of Rio Dell

Adelene Jones

Mayor, City of Blue Lake

Doug Strehl, Vice-Chair

City Council Member, City of Fortuna

Frank Jäger

Mayor, City of Eureka

Meeting Agendas & Meeting Records*

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Past Meetings